Dry Jarrah Trailer Loads


Dry Jarrah Trailer Loads

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Dry Jarrah Trailer Loads

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All of our firewood has been left to dry/season and will be perfect to burn.
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All weights for Dry Jarrah Trailer Loads are approximate as we measure in scoops and do NOT provide a weight docket.

  • Our Composition:
    • Jarrah Mixed Species Firewood: This type of firewood is a blend of different wood species, including mostly jarrah. It may include wood from other eucalyptus trees, such as marri or karri, as well as non-eucalyptus species like sheoak or banksia. The mix can vary depending on the supplier.
    • Jarrah Only Firewood: As the name suggests, jarrah-only firewood is exclusively composed of jarrah wood. It does not contain any other wood species.
  1. Tree Age and Quality:
    • Jarrah Bush Mix Firewood: As the name suggests, this type of firewood consists of a mix of hardwood. The wood can vary in age and quality, including younger, smaller trees. – This is still a good option for firewood and is more economically sustainable.
    • Jarrah Old Growth Firewood: Old growth firewood is sourced from fully mature, large jarrah trees. These trees have experienced slower growth and have a higher proportion of heartwood, known for its density and durability. The wood is generally considered to be of higher quality and is often sought after for its excellent burning characteristics.
  2. Density and Heat Output:
    • Jarrah Bush Mix Firewood: The density of jarrah bush mix firewood can vary due to the inclusion of different wood components. Generally, it has a lower overall density compared to old-growth firewood. Consequently, it may produce slightly less heat output when burned.
    • Jarrah Old Growth Firewood: Old-growth jarrah firewood is known for its high density, which results in a more substantial and long-lasting burn. It typically provides a higher heat output and can sustain a fire for an extended period.
  3. Availability and Cost:
    • Jarrah Mixed Species Firewood: Mixed species firewood can be more readily available as it incorporates multiple wood types. The cost can vary depending on the composition and availability but is usually cheaper than Jarrah Only Firewood.
    • Jarrah-Only Firewood: Jarrah-only firewood may be less abundant and more limited in availability. Due to its desirable qualities and potential higher demand, it can be relatively more expensive compared to mixed species firewood.

Are you looking for high-quality firewood that burns efficiently and provides excellent heat output? Look no further than JJ’s Firewood Supplies and our premium product, Dry Jarrah Cage Loads. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we have become a trusted name in the firewood industry.

At JJ’s Firewood Supplies, we prioritize reliable firewood to meet your heating needs. We meticulously source and process our firewood to ensure top-notch quality. Our Dry Jarrah Cage Loads guarantee exceptional heating performance, creating a cozy atmosphere in your home or outdoors.

With JJ’s Firewood Supplies, expect consistent quality and reliable service. Our Dry Jarrah Trailer Loads come in convenient sizes for easy storage and transport. Each trailer contains neatly packed, ready-to-use firewood cut to perfection for your fireplace, wood stove, or outdoor fire pit.

Responsible forestry is a practice that aims to balance the needs of the timber industry with the long-term health and preservation of forests. It involves carefully managing and harvesting trees in a manner that minimizes environmental impact and promotes the regeneration and biodiversity of forest ecosystems. Sustainable logging practices often include measures such as selective harvesting, where only mature trees are harvested, and replanting initiatives to ensure the continuous growth and renewal of forests. Additionally, sustainable logging considers the social and economic aspects of forestry, taking into account the livelihoods of local communities and indigenous peoples who depend on forests for their well-being. By implementing sustainable logging practices, we can strike a harmonious balance between human needs and the preservation of our invaluable forest resources for future generations.

We are dedicated to sustainability and responsible forestry. Our Dry Jarrah Trailer Loads are responsibly sourced, preserving valuable resources. Enjoy the warmth of your fire, knowing you support sustainable practices with JJ’s Firewood Supplies.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Load Size

Half Cage (2 Scoops), Full Cage (4 Scoops)

Wood Type

Jarrah Bush Mix, Jarrah Old Growth